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Hi watchers,

I've figured out it's been a while since my last journal and it couldn't fully explain the delays, so I just had the idea of listing all of the projects I am involved in or was involved in, it'll be updated if a project is done, or I've quit the project or I've been fired (:C).

Current Projects

-= True-Tail - Puppet Rigger =-

Current Animations

-= Little Skit - Currently : Animation =-

Projects on Hold

Finished Projects/Animations

-= Double Rainboom - Puppet Rigger =-
- = Sunrise Surpise - Animator = -
-= Hell Hath No Hoagie - Puppet Rigger/Animator =-
-= Azadae - Puppet Rigger =-

Howdy !

As of recently you may have noticed i'm not releasing puppets as often as I normally do and there is a reason for this, i've been asked to join a project and I accepted, it's name is "Hell Hath no Hoagie" and it's awesome !
Please don't panic, this does not mean I will never upload puppets/animation again, this mean it'll take more time.
I'm definitely trying to create a 300 watchers special as a small animation loop.

In the meantime, check out HHnH :

Stay tuned !

Journal History


Stepping out by Jordo76
Stepping out
Sooo, I started reading Fallout : Equestria yesterday and this is the image that came into my mind when I finished Chapter 1, thought it would be a great training in drawing, lighting, shadows & background so I went ahead and drew it.

Thanks to :iconvocalee: for helping me with the background.
HUGE thanks to :iconacesential: for helping me with the shading on this one.
Don't forget to share & critique ;)
Raritea time by Jordo76
Raritea time
There it is ! Started 09/10 and finished 09/17 this was long, painful, vectoring that background especially, but in the end it was so worth it that I couldn't care less about everything I went through with it.
Rarity & Spike enjoying a little tea in front of the pony equivalent of Big Ben ! And wallpaper sized too, you can download it full size (3840x2160) with the button on the top right.

Thanks to my friends for their ideas/critiques/support : :iconvocalee:, :icondrpinkehpie2:, :iconacesential:, :icondileak:
And as always, don't forget to critique ;)
500 Watchers special - Opening a Youtube account by Jordo76
500 Watchers special - Opening a Youtube account
There it is, my very first (at least the first I acknowledge creating) animation !
This has been going for a while now, a few weeks but it's finally done for all to see !
I've started it after coming back from reading the Animator Survival Kit to kind of measure my current skills, hopefully I'll improve in the future, practice makes it perfect they say.

I'm opening a Youtube account where I'll upload animations (If I get any idea that is) and maybe some animatics too.
You can click the link at the end of the video or just follow this one : (Couldn't get the Jordo76 url sadly)

Critiques & Support : :iconvocalee: :iconmr-tea-and-crumpets: :icondileak: :iconflamingorich: :iconteknibaal: :icondrpinkehpie2: :iconacesential:, thank you guys, seriously.

Don't forget to critique yourself ! ;)
Childhood magician by Jordo76
Childhood magician
This one took around 16 hours to do and, oh my, I really appreciated working on it, kind of sad that it's over now :(
Also, first drawing with two characters !
Please critique ;)
Just chillin' by Jordo76
Just chillin'
Greetings !
I'm on vacation right now reading the Animator's Survival Kit because you know, I'm drawing because I want to do animations, from what I've seen so far (I just looked through when I wrote that description) it looks awesome !
Hopefully this explains why my new drawings are delayed, the upcoming one will be here next week ;)

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